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Behind the Scenes of The Conductor.


Over many months of filming, we amassed a treasure trove of behind the scenes clips and shots: here are just a handful of our favorite pieces to the story.

Here we are on the Vierwaldstättersee with Austrian award-winning cinematographer Judith Benedikt, and at the famous Sala São Paulo with Oscar and Emmy-Award winning U.S. cinematographer Shana Hagan.

On the boat at Lucerne.
Shana and Bernadette discussing filming as OSESP.
Shana and Andreas filming Marin in OSESP.

In 2012, Marin Alsop led the first Brazilian orchestra to play at the BBC Proms.

Technicians setting the stage at OSESP.
Bernadette and Pedro at OSESP.
Marin rehearsing the OSESP.

Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (OSESP)

In São Paulo we were able to

film rehearsals and the live performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Sheherazade and Mozart’s Ouverture of the Magic Flute.

Marin Alsop laughing with Jonathan at the Peabody Institute.
Leith Symington Griswold Hall at Peabody

Halls at the

Peabody Institute

Since 2015, Marin Alsop has been the Director of the Graduate Conducting Program at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins. We were able to film her conducting class throughout a full semester, and follow one of her students, Jonathan Rush.

Filming out of the van in Sao Paulo.
Shooting with Valentina.
Staying dry in the Inner Harbor.
On the lake in Lucerne.
Laughing like crazy with the crew at the New Psalmist Babtist Church!
Mass rehearsal at the New Psalmist Babtist Church.
Bernadette and Marin looking through production notes.
The exterior of The Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, where the BSO performs..

In Baltimore we filmed Copland’s Third Symphony at the Meyerhoff Theatre and an exclusive performance with the principal Second violinist Qing Li.  

The Baltimore



Marin in her BSO office.
The outside of the Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus.

Wiener Konzerthaus

The highlight of our filming was being able to capture Marin Alsop’s debut concert at the famed Vienna Konzerthaus with music by Rouse, Auerbauch and Hindemith. We also filmed a group of children to reenact Marin’s youth and her dream of becoming a conductor. 

Simon shooting in the Konzerthaus.
A musician playing the drums in Vienna.
The team filming in Sao Paulo.
Beethoven statue in Vienna.
Judith and Andreas in Lucerne.
Judith on a roof top near Lienz, Austria
Henrique gathering equipment for a scene.
The crew in Sao Paulo.
Shauna filming Marin and William at OSEP.
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